Read on to learn all about the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship!

Receive $4,200 per student towards private education each year.

How do I qualify?

How does it work?

The Opportunity Scholarship is offered by the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority.

Each year, a number of scholarship applicants are selected to participate in the program.

Once you are selected, the scholarship will:

  • Award up to $4,200
  • Cover tution at a participating nonpublic school.
  • Cover required fees at a participating nonpublic school.

Does your child meet student eligibility?

Eligibility is handled in 2 phases

Your child meets phase one requirements if they:

  • were 5 years old on or before August 31
  • live in an eligible household
  • have not graduated from high school
  • are resident of North Carolina
  • has not been in college

Any one of the following could lead to phase 2 eligibility:

  • They received an Opportunity Scholarship last year
  • They were a full-time student attending a NC public
    school or Department of Defense school in NC
    last spring semester
  • They are entering kindergarten or 1st grade
  • They are in foster care
  • They were adopted within the last year

Chances are your income is eligible for the $4,200 scholarship award.

For a couple making less than ~$60,000/yr, you could be eligible for ~$7,560 in scholarship awards towards 2 children.

This table depicts a full breakdown of scholarship award levels depending on income.

How do I apply?
  Maximum Household Gross Income
# In household To receive full tuition
up to $4,200
To receive 90% of tuition

Tell me about participating schools

The North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship has over 400 participating nonpublic schools across the state.

  • Featured School: The Daniel Academy
  • Location: Concord
  • Grades: K4-12

How do I apply?

NCSEAA is now accepting applications!

Applications for 2019-2020 open in February. The NCSEAA accepts all applications through their website. Enter your name and email below if you’d like to be contacted with more information

The Opportunity Scholarship application for 2020-2021 are open.
The NCSEAA accepts all applications through their website.

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